Is It Better to Have a Root Canal or Extraction?

Even when a person practices excellent oral hygiene habits at home every day, it’s possible for teeth to still become infected or damaged. When this occurs, it’s important to have the infected tooth treated at the dentist right away to prevent the problem from worsening and figure out the best option for your specific treatment. In many cases, the dentist will recommend undergoing a root canal treatment in an effort to remove the infection and preserve the natural tooth or have the tooth pulled. However, in some instances, tooth extraction may be a good idea if you are experiencing a lot of tooth pain. At Walnut Creek Dental East, we are committed to providing excellent restorative dental procedure care to help you maintain a beautiful and natural smile for life. Here’s what you should know about choosing between root canal therapy and tooth extraction to treat an infected tooth.


Benefits of a Root Canal

Root canal procedures and surgical tooth extractions have come a long way in recent years. While root canal procedure has caused a lot of dental anxiety for being painful and complicated, this simply is not true. Teeth that require root canal treatment tend to be very painful from the damage or infection inside of them and can cause dental problems, but the extraction site procedure that’s used to treat them is typically quick and painless along with a high success rate. Additionally, root canal treatments are very effective at restoring the health and comfort of an infected tooth. A lot of times, root canal therapy can provide an array of other oral health benefits after tooth removal, including:


  • Saving the natural tooth and preventing tooth loss
  • Preventing infection from spreading to surrounding teeth
  • Retaining the appearance of your natural smile
  • Relieving dental pain caused and preventing further infections from occurring
  • Preventing jawbone denigration
  • Boosting oral and overall health (preventing teeth from shifting, making it easier to chew food properly, etc.)


Benefits of a Tooth Extraction

While undergoing a root canal treatment may help preserve your natural tooth, there are some instances when having an infected tooth pulled may be a more appropriate option. Extraction procedures, and replacement options, on the affected area in your mouth can make a major difference when you visit a dentist; additionally, it is typically fast and painless, thanks to the help of local anesthetics that will ensure your mouth is completely numb. Some benefits of choosing a tooth extraction to treat a problematic tooth include:

  • Relieving dental pain in the rest of your teeth
  • Preventing infection and severe pain from spreading to surrounding teeth
  • Being a more affordable option than other treatments


What is the Best Choice?

Ultimately, the condition of the damaged tooth, your unique needs, and your personal preferences will determine if a root canal treatment or a tooth extraction is a better choice for you. During your consultation, one of our trusted dentists will discuss the pros and cons of each restorative dental treatment with you based on your physical exam and X-rays that were taken of your infected tooth. Together, you can determine which procedure would be the best fit to restore the health of your smile.


Protect Your Oral Health at Walnut Creek Dental East

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