What To Expect Post-Oral Surgery

As you navigate the path to recovery after oral surgery, remember that at Walnut Creek Dental, your wellness is our success story. We invite you to reach out to us for any guidance or support you might need during your healing process. Visit our Groveport, Ohio, location for a seamless and reassuring post-operative experience, where a healthier, brighter smile awaits you.

Understanding Pain Management Post-Oral Surgery

Our team at Walnut Creek is here to offer tips for a successful recovery. The level of discomfort experienced after oral surgery can vary, but our team at Walnut Creek Dental is committed to ensuring your comfort. We typically recommend a combination of over-the-counter pain relievers and, if necessary, prescription medications. Rest and careful attention to post-operative instructions are key to managing any discomfort you may experience. 

Normalcy of Swelling and Bruising

It’s normal to experience some swelling and bruising following oral surgery. These symptoms usually peak within the first 48 hours and then gradually subside. Our team advises using ice packs and keeping your head elevated to help minimize these effects, ensuring a more comfortable recovery.

Dietary Recommendations After Surgery

After your surgery, it’s essential to stick to a soft or liquid diet to avoid disturbing the surgical site. We recommend nourishing options like smoothies, yogurt, and lukewarm soups. Avoiding hard, crunchy foods and extremely hot or cold beverages is crucial for a smooth healing.

Resuming Daily Activities

Recovery times can vary, but we generally advise a rest period of at least 48 to 72 hours post-surgery. Listen to your body and gradually reintroduce normal activities, avoiding strenuous exercise or heavy lifting until you feel more comfortable. 

Understanding the Full Recovery Timeline

The timeline for full recovery depends on the type of surgery performed. Patients at Walnut Creek Dental often notice significant improvements within the first couple of weeks. However, complete healing might take a little longer, depending on individual circumstances.

Resting and Sleeping Positions

For a more comfortable recovery, we recommend resting and sleeping with your head elevated. This position helps reduce swelling and can alleviate discomfort. Avoid lying on the side where the surgery was performed to prevent additional pressure on the area.


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