Children’s Dental Care

Children’s Dental Care in Groveport OH

Maintaining a healthy smile is one of the most important life skills that a parent can teach their child. After all, good oral health habits are key to boosting self-esteem, keeping teeth and gums strong, and living a healthy lifestyle well into adulthood. If you’re unsure about how an appointment at the dentist for kids works, Dr. Pappas and the friendly team at Walnut Creek Dental are here to help. Here’s what you should know about the importance of caring for your child’s oral health and how to prepare them for their next dental appointment.

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Dentistry for Children at Walnut Creek Dental

Even though your child’s baby teeth will eventually fall out, it’s important to keep them healthy and strong as soon as they erupt. Doing so will prevent their teeth from developing tooth decay and teach your child good dental habits that they’ll continue to practice as adults. Additionally, healthy primary teeth play a critical role in holding a place for your little one’s permanent teeth to come in properly.

Fortunately, caring for your child’s oral health isn’t difficult. Children’s dental care starts at home, by helping them brush and floss twice a day, encouraging them to eat a well-balanced diet, and taking them to the dentist every six months for routine exams after their first birthday, you can help your child’s smile stay in tip-top shape for years to come.

Are Baby Teeth Important?

Consider scheduling a dental exam for your child as soon as their baby teeth start to emerge. They will ultimately fall out, but keeping those teeth healthy is important. They will be with your child for years and losing a tooth to decay or gum disease may cause the neighboring drift into the empty space. If one of the baby teeth are out of alignment the permanent teeth may not erupt correctly, causing problems with alignment, bite, and poor oral health.

What Happens at a Pediatric Dentist Appointment?

At Walnut Creek Dental, we are committed to making your kid’s dental appointment as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Here’s what you can expect during your kids’ dental check-up:

  • X-rays will be taken to let Dr. Pappas see what is occurring beneath the surface of your child’s teeth and gums.
  • Next, he will examine their teeth and gums for signs of concern, such as cavities.
  • Depending on your child’s age, a dental hygienist will gently clean their teeth.
  • If necessary, dental sealants or a fluoride treatment may be applied to protect their teeth between dental visits. 

How Can You Prepare Kids for the Dentist?

Preparing your child for their visit to the pediatric dentist can help them feel more relaxed when it’s time to have their teeth examined. Here are some tips to prepare your little one for their routine dental exam:

  • Help them brush and floss their teeth twice a day.
  • Praise them for brushing well or being cooperative when you brush their teeth.
  • Let them know what to expect before their dental visit.
  • Keep dental conversations light and positive. Avoid mentioning anything that may make them afraid or anxious.
  • Give them something to look forward to after their appointment, such as a trip to the park.
  • Practice what you preach; let them see you prioritize your own oral health.


Children’s Dental Care Cost

While most routine dental exams are fully covered by dental insurance, the cost of your kid’s dental appointment will depend on your dental insurance plan. For more information on what your dental insurance covers, please contact our office.


Children’s Dentistry at Walnut Creek Dental

If it’s been a while since your child has visited the dentist or they’ve never had their teeth examined, there’s no better time to prioritize their oral health than now. Dr. Pappas and the trusted team in Groveport OH are proud to offer quality dental care in a comfortable setting so that your child’s dental exam will be as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Contact us today to schedule your next pediatric dental appointment and keep your child smiling brightly for years to come!



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