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Maintaining good oral health is one of the most critical factors to living a happy, healthy life. When you have one or more damaged teeth, your personal and professional lives suffer. The good news is that there are many restorative dental solutions that can help you improve the health, function, and appearance of your smile, including dental crowns. Check out these facts about how a dental crown could benefit your oral health before scheduling your free consultation with the friendly team at Walnut Creek Dental.

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Dental Crown Overview

Dental crowns are caps that cover weak or damaged teeth to protect them while improving their appearance. Dental caps are one of the most common dental restorations and can provide a variety of benefits to people suffering from damaged teeth, including:

  •     Improving your smile’s appearance
  •     Strengthening weak teeth
  •     Protecting broken teeth
  •     Being a durable, low-maintenance, affordable dental restoration

What Kind of Dental Conditions Are Treated with Tooth Crowns?

Dental crowns can resolve many common dental concerns. Some of these include:

  •     Misshapen teeth
  •     Decayed teeth
  •     Cracked or fractured teeth
  •     Missing teeth that need to be replaced by a dental implant
  •     Discolored teeth
  •     A cavity that is too large to fill

If you experience one or more of these concerns, it’s best to schedule a dental appointment sooner than later. Oral health issues will not resolve on their own. In many cases, they will get worse and create more complicated issues in the future if left untreated indefinitely. 

Dental Crown Procedure

If the dentist determines that you’re a good candidate for a dental crown, you can expect the process to occur over the course of two appointments. During your first appointment, the dentist will thoroughly numb the area around where the crown will be placed using a local anesthetic. Then, he will make room for the crown to fit over your natural tooth by removing a small amount of its enamel. Next, he will take an impression of your mouth and send it to the lab, where your permanent tooth crown will be made. In the meantime, a temporary crown will be placed over your damaged tooth. When your permanent crown is complete, it will be placed over your damaged tooth. This usually occurs 2-3 weeks after your first appointment.

How Long Do Dental Caps Last?

The lifespan of your dental crown will depend on how well you care for it. The best way to keep your crown strong and beautiful is to practice good oral health habits at home, including:

  •     Brushing your teeth twice a day
  •     Flossing and using mouth wash daily
  •     Avoiding biting down on hard items, such as ice
  •     Visiting the dentist every six months for regular check-ups and cleanings

With proper dental care, you can expect your dental crown to last anywhere from 5 to 15 years. 

Tooth Crown Cost

The cost of your tooth crown will depend on what your dental insurance plan covers. For information about your particular dental insurance policy, please contact our Groveport dental office. 

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