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A healthy and shiny smile is a priceless asset to own. However, life isn’t always perfect, and you may find some of your teeth missing or others damaged with time. No need to panic. In the hands of experienced and skilled restorative dentists such as Walnut Creek Dental, you can always get your teeth back in shape. Let’s explore what restorative dentistry is all about and why it should be a priority for you. 

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What is Restorative Dentistry?

Many people often blur the line between restorative and cosmetic dentistry. In simple terms, restorative dentistry involves all those procedures done to keep your mouth fully functional such as dental implants, and fillings which help keep your mouth healthy. Unlike cosmetic dentistry, this branch of dental health does not require any specialized training.


Why Would Someone Need Restorative Dentistry?

There are many reasons someone may need to repair a tooth. They may suffer an injury to the mouth when playing sports or break a tooth from an accident at work. It’s also possible that someone may loose a tooth from an infection or tooth decay. In either situation, and many more restorative dental treatments are often required to help repair someone’s smile. 

What happens if you don’t address damaged or decaying teeth?

Perhaps you think its just a minor problem, or its so small no one will notice? Unfortunately ignoring problems with your teeth wont make the them go away. Most of the time ignoring them makes them get worse, and more expensive to fix. Over time untreated cavities can lead to tooth loss. Plaque build up leads to gum disease. Cracked teeth will become more painful overtime and can lead to infections in the teeth. Visiting Walnut Creek Dental East every sis months for preventative care is the first step. Addressing the small issues before they become big issues is the second.

Restorative Dentistry Services Available at Walnut Creek Dental

 In the able hands of our experienced dentists, you will receive professional care in the following restorative dental procedures:

  • Dental crowns – These are tooth-colored often metallic caps for damaged teeth. They often replace a missing tooth structure brought by root canals and decayed teeth. Before settling for a dental crown, our team will carry out a comprehensive exam and look at factors such as the damaged tooth location, the gum tissue position, and the area around the tooth. 
  • Dentures – As part of teeth restoration, our dentists may advise that you get dentures, which are prosthetic teeth that are fixed or removable. For those who have lost a substantial number of teeth, dentures are a viable option. We have a wide range of dentures, including fixed, removable, and implant-retained dentures, among others. 
  • Dental implants – To replace a permanent tooth, our doctors may plant an artificial tooth known as a dental implant. The tooth has a screw that bonds with the jaw’s natural bone. 
  • Dental bridges – These are restorative dental options available for those missing three or more teeth. The gap between both sides of the teeth is covered using a ‘bridge.’ Compared to dental implants, dental bridges are more affordable and heal quicker. 
  • Dental bonding – This is the use of composite resins made of glass or plastic to fill cavities or repair a chipped teeth. It helps color the surface of discolored teeth. 

Benefits of Restorative Dental Work

At Walnut Creek Dental, we believe that prevention is better than cure. Restoring your teeth to perfect health lays a strong foundation for the proper functioning of your mouth. By repairing cavities or fractured teeth, you get to eat well again and even speak better. Dental crowns done during restoration help hide any stained teeth and helps prevent further damage through tooth decay.


How Expensive is Restorative Dentistry?

Since restorative dentistry can be multi-faceted, it is not easy to quote a specific price for the process. That said, Walnut Creek Dental prides itself in providing residents of Groveport, OH, with affordable and quality dental services. We are in-network with many PPO dental insurances, and our lovely front office team will help verify your insurance coverage. Better yet, we are committed to making quality dental care accessible to all, hence our favorable in-house payment plans. 


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We value your dental health, which we believe is a critical foundation of leading a quality life. You do not need to wait until your teeth reach advanced levels of damage to visit us.

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